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Music Charts

World"Rude" Magic! [more]
USA"Rude" MAGIC! [more]
Canada"Maps" Maroon 5 [more]
Europe"Prayer In C" Lilly Wood & The Prick & Robin Schulz [more]
UK"Am I Wrong" Nico & Vinz [more]
Ireland"Stolen Dance" Milky Chance [more]
Germany"Happy" Pharrell Williams [more]
Austria"Lovers On The Sun" David Guetta Ft. Sam Martin [more]
Spain"" [more]
France"Prayer In C" Lilly Wood & The Prick Feat. Robin Schulz [more]
Italy"Prayer In C" Lilly Wood & The Prick Feat. Robin Schulz [more]
Switzerland"Prayer In C (Robin Schulz Remix)" Lilly Wood & The Prick and Robin Schulz [more]
Sweden"Prayer In C" Lilly Wood & The Prick And Robin Schulz [more]
Finland"Wm Germany" Prayer In C [more]
Norway"Prayer in c" Lilly Wood & The Prick And Robin Schulz [more]
Belgium"Home" Dotan [more]
Netherlands"Jij & ik" Jan Smit [more]
Denmark [more]
Czech Republic"Budapest" Ezra George [more]
Japan"ER2" Eight Ranger [more]
Australia"Harlem Shake" Baauer [more]
New Zealand"All About That Bass" Meghan Trainor [more]
Brazil"Happy" Pharrell Williams [more]


Music Charts

World"Sekai No Chuushin Wa Osaka Ya (namba Jichiku)" Nmb 48 [more]
USA"Guardians Of The Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 1" Soundtrack [more]
Canada"Babel" Mumford & Sons [more]
UK"X" Ed Sheeran [more]
Ireland"X" Ed Sheeran [more]
Germany"Farbenspiel" Helene Fischer [more]
Austria"Farbenspiel" Helene Fischer [more]
Spain"Lo mejor está por venir" Gemeliers [more]
France"Saltimbanque" Keen' V [more]
Italy"Ghost Stories" Coldplay [more]
Switzerland"x" Ed Sheeran [more]
Sweden"In The Lonely Hour" Sam Smith [more]
Finland"Blind Rage" Accept [more]
Norway"X" Ed Sheeran [more]
Belgium"Racine Carrée" Stromae [more]
Netherlands"Rivals" Kensington [more]
Denmark"" [more]
Czech Republic"Proměnamě" Klus TomÁŠ [more]
Japan"Ikimono Bakari - Members Best Selection" Ikimonogakari [more]
Australia"Push The Sky Away" Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds [more]
New Zealand"The Very Best" INXS [more]
Brazil"Britney Jeans" Britney Spears [more]


Box Office Charts

Russia"" [more]
USA"Guardians Of The Galaxy" [more]
UK"Wreck-It Ralph" [more]
Germany"Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes" [more]
France"Lucy" [more]
Italy"Season Of The Witch" [more]
Switzerland"Kung Fu Panda 2" [more]
Australia"Bridesmaids" [more]
Hong Kong"Green Lantern" [more]


TV Ratings

USA"" [more]
Russia"Golos" [more]
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